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Small living big impact

What began as a dream grew into a sustainable solution. The Tiny brand was founded after the success of its "big brother" Tiny Parks, as the need for a base of operations proved great. A place to escape the city bustle, a place to safely reintegrate or a temporary home.

And so the journey began; from the start of the first Tiny recreation park, to supplier of our own tiny house brand. From natural recreational houses to permanent homes. Since then, Tiny has grown into a sustainable brand that cares as much for people as it does for the earth. Tiny is on a mission to give people throughout the Netherlands a home. A temporary home, an extra home or a first home. Whatever your need, it's time for Tiny.


We are the only company in the Netherlands with a real showroom where various models can be viewed fully furnished. The interior is provided by design and design agency studio Zuyd.


Besides our showroom models, we have two tiny houses in stock that are available for immediate delivery. Ideal when you don't want to wait or need a Tiny House urgently.


Tiny.nl has import licenses from three factories from three different countries with a total delivery capacity of 220 Tiny Houses per year. All Tiny Houses comply with European and Dutch standards.

Concept development

Tiny.nl originated from the successful recreation concept TinyParks. With a review score of 9.6 and 24,000 followers and three locations one year, we have the experience to think along with our customers as a creative sparring partner.

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